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Yanan Wang

I came to Newcastle to find house for a year, and finally i decided to live in Mr Yang's accommodation in City Centre. The location is very convenient. The price is very affordable. Landlord (Mr Yang) is very good. If something needs fixing, he will come to repair.

Xian Mian Tan

Good Landlord, anything damage or broken, the Landlord will get it fixed as soon as possible. Rental fees is quite reasonable and included all the bills, therefore no extra fees needed every month.

Li Yimeng

I was lived in Hamilton Place for 2 years’ time and I really appreciate the helping hands from Mr. Roddy and his wife Vivi. Mr. Roddy offered the best price and all bills included. The location of his property is really convenient; only few minutes’ walk to the grocery shop and 15 minutes’ walk to the Merz court. The facilities and the Internet are keeping upgrade during these 2 years. Every penny I paid the service and the room is deserved it. Mr. Roddy is the person that you can trust. By the way, ‘Same Day Deposits Refund’. I received my deposit on the same day I check out.

Zhang Tian

I first knew Mr Roddy on the website. Honestly, I am a little worried about the deposit at first because many landlords refuse to give it back to those visiting students in UK. Luckly, Mr Roddy Yang is a good landlord. Before my leaving, I get back my deposit after his checking. I think this experience is very important to those tenant candidates at Newcastle. And a criedtworthy landlord will make your foreign study much easier.  

Hope this experience is useful to those visiting students from China.

Eva Lim Yee Teng

I have stayed in Milton Green ground floor room for a year. The room was very spacious and comfortable for me, as I always do prefer wooden floor. I do not have to worry about the bills as it gets top-upped monthly. However, even if we did overuse, it was easy to top-up with a card from the local shop nearby so we do not have to deal with messy billing companies. What I like the most is the free moving service offered, it saved so much troubles compared to how I moved previously while staying in UK. The landlord made sure we moved everything we wanted even though it takes a few rounds. Plus, the landlord is always quick in helping whenever the house has any maintenance issue. So, you do not have to worry much about your one year stay if you stay with StudentPropertyToRent! :)

Yin Bong Ho (Victor Ho)

Mr Roddy Yang provides wide range of house choices and good house service. I was able to get Full Deposit back at the end of contract.

Stanley Choo Shen Hong

Mr. Roddy is a friendly landlord. 

His property I stayed in was in a good condition.
He did a thorough introduction for me when I arrived at his property. With term and condition explained, along with how to go around his property and the facilities and shops around. As tenants, we are required to keep his property clean.
He is explained that he is under the official landlord association of UK and uses a trustworthy body to safeguard his tenant's deposit.
When I check-out of his property, i forgot to return the keys. I posted it to Mr. Roddy and he managed to pick it up in the post office and full deposit was returned to me. So it was all good.
Olivia Wang
Lived in Hamilton Place for my master degree. Mr. Roddy and Mrs. Vivi are excellent landlord whom always ready to help with any problem that may occur. The price was also reasonably cheap considering the location of the property and the fact that it also includes the bills for internet connection, electricity, gas, and water. Another thing is that the deposit is given back the same day as day you’re checking out.
I'm grateful to lived in Hamilton Place, the place was so close with the Business School, and cheap groceries store. The neighborhood wasn't as lively as in the city center, so relaxing. I still think I got the best room ever, good price, big room (I can do some exercises), near the kitchen (this is important as I always hungry). The communal kitchen also my favourite place in the house, all the stuffs that you need has been provided and if you love cooking and baking, then you will love it. You will also learn about how to maintain and manage supplies, bills, cleanliness, etc. I also grateful for Mr Roddy and Mrs Vivi, they're really supportive and understanding your needs, especially for house maintenance. But, anyway, they're also love to share stories of anything. It was a good experience that I have when I live in Newcastle.

Genyao Xu (Sally)

Edward Place location is very convenient , just five minutes walk from the Business School. Rent is very cheap compared to others. The most important is that the Rent inclusive all bills, eliminating the trouble of dealing with bills. Mr Roddy and Mrs Vivi are very friendly landlord. If you encounter problem where there is equipment in need of repair, they solve it quickly

Chun Su Cho

I lived in Edward Place for 12 months and I would sincerely appreciate to Mr. Roddy and his wife, Mrs Vivi who were very responsible and kind for providing the nice room and service while I was living in. Especially, my room which was number 1 room, the house was located in quite environment and I personally believed the place was definitely suitable for hardworking students. Not only for the environment, the landlord was keen to help and provide to make the tenants to be comfortable as much as possible. Once again, thanks for the room and wish you the best for all in the future Mr Roddy & Mrs Vivi :)

Ting Wang

I think this site is very good, very nice landlord, renting procedure is not complicated, landlord work very efficiently for Newcastle students live . The price is very reasonable. I find this site a place to live for six months, very comfortable

Graham Ho Lip Han

I lived in Worley Close for my final year studies in Newcastle University. During my stay, this place provided me a nice and quiet environment which are definitely suitable for 'hardworking' student like me to burn the midnight oil. Not to mention about the friendly and helpful neighbours as well, they even helped me to keep my Amazon delivery when I am not at home. I believed for most Asian students, to find a cheap place to stay and to deal with energy, water, and Internet companies when moving in a new property gave them headache. By choosing Mr Roddy’s property, Not only does the rental fee is cheaper compared to other places, the internet, gas and electricity bills are also included as well. You will not find a better landlord in Newcastle that can offer you a nice property with all these facilities included in your cheap rental fee! You can definitely trust me on these as I had previously stay in other expensive property in which these facilities are not even provided. I wish I knew Mr Roddy sooner. Mr Roddy is so friendly and kind that he will tried his best to help you if you faced any difficulties, you will know I am right when you meet him in person. I highly recommend every newcomers to choose Mr Roddy’s property.

Xin Xiang

Very nice landlord, thanks for providing the nice room to me. I have an unforgettable living experience for the last year. The housemates are international and are all friendly. The house is near to the city centre and the two universities, it only takes few mins walk to the Robinson library and the Tesco shop. If you want to have a quiet living place, a closed place to the university and even a very low room price, it is the best choice to choose the Milton Green.

Chung Hei Kwok (Joshua Kwok)

Mr Roddy is a very friendly and responsible landlord. He takes good care of his property and responds to any problem proactively. The quality of his properties are genuinely satisfactory and the rent are very reasonable. I would definitely recommend his properties to my friends.

Shing Hei Tam

- easy to book, view, and hold any place 

- efficient manage, just meet once at the start of contract year with very simple rules

- Bills are included for whole year, so one thing less to worry about 

- very good location (5 mins in city center) 

- Reasonable price, consider the location and bills included 

- nice landlord, available when you have trouble

- Not like university accommodation, it is quite easygoing and flexible here.

Lin Hiu Yi (Vienne Lin)

The stay in your place (Charlotte Mews) was one of the greatest memories I have had during the study in Newcastle! As for the design and facilities in the place where I lived, I like them very much! As for the location, it was very convenient to get food in Chinatown as well as the markets nearby. As for the rent, I think the price was good. I am also very glad that I have meet such friendly and supportive flatmates and we stayed harmoniously. At the end, I would like to thank Mr Roddy and Mrs Vivi for their constant support. I would recommend current and prospective students to rent Mr Roddy's places.

Yi-Chi Chen (Freddy)

This accredited landlord totally sets a high standard for others in the UK. As a responsible and enthusiastic landlord, Mr Roddy  is always accessible whenever tenants have questions or problems regarding the contract or facilities. I still remember when I made a request to replace my double bed with a single one, Mr Roddy promised to do it for me without hesitation, and a new single bed frame was brought to my house within 48 hours! To ensure the quality of installation, the landlady even came to help and gave suggestions about how to re-arrange the space in my room, which is genuinely a heart-warming service. Throughout the year, Mr Roddy and his team has been taking care of all my residential needs, minimizing the burden outside of my study. Without their help and care, I wouldn't have had such a sweet home in Newcastle! If you're looking for a place to stay at the most economic price, this landlord is definitely the right person for you!

Rachel Liew Jia Hooi

I've stayed in The Open for a few months and I really enjoyed staying in that place because firstly, its really convenient as it only takes about 2-3 minutes to walk to school and its located in the city centre, and its just near to everywhere! Besides that, the room is well decorated and all the furniture are new and nice! :) I wanted to continue to stay but the room was booked by another person :(

- I am impressed with the all-inclusive bills policy. I realise that paying bills is quite time-consuming and complicated if you are from abroad. With the all-inclusive bills, you do not have to think about it anymore.
- The flat was almost in exact condition as seen in the website. The overall initial condition was good and clean. You could use the room right away after arriving at the flat.
- The fixed rent policy is really helpful to pay monthly. I know how much I should pay hence I know how to spend my monthly allowance.
- The deposit was returned in less than 24 hours after checking out which is handy before going back to the home country.
- Mr. Roddy and Mrs. Roddy as the landlords are really helpful with all the home cleaning as well as life tips in Newcastle. They understand the needs and try to help as they can.
- Overall, I am satisfied with all the service and the flat.


Student Property to Rent provides cozy places for students. The price is also competitive and affordable.

Annisa (Ancha)

Mr.Roddy and Ms.Vivi are the best landlord. The property where I lived in was clean and comfortable. The price was affordable with discounts available as well. The location was in the heart of Newcastle and close to supermarket, university and many attraction. Thanks Mr. Roddy for the great experience living in your property.

Akmal Lazuardy

Stayed for one year in Willow Avenue is a very memorable experience. In addition to a place that is compact and clean, the neighborhood is also very friendly and away from the frenetic city center. Going to school by bus is a convenient way, its bus stop close to home, and have four buses to choose. If you want to go a walk, it is only 45 minutes and on the way you get scenic field and Leazes Park. Suitable to fresh your day before and after the class.

Many thanks Mr. Roddy, good luck

Joanne Gloria Tandanu (Joanne Tan)

StudentPropertyToRent had been my lifesaver during my search for a one-month property for my parents' holiday stay. Both Mr Roddy landlord & Mrs Vivi landlady have been very accomodating and helpful during my search and stay in their property. They make the procedures really simple and easy for my one-month stay, which really helps me.


Mr. and Mrs. Yang are very hardworking, professional, and reliable. They're always ready to lend some helping hands for their tenants. I lived in Edward Place for a year and it was a spacious property with affordable price. It was also close to Newcastle University Medschool, in which I studied. I would definitely recommend Newcastle Rooms to Rent for everyone.

Antonius Tanady (Antonius Tan)

I had very pleasant time throughout my stay in Mr Roddy's property. The house was fully furnished and they were incredibly in good conditions. Besides the price was very economic, Mr Roddy also provided very high standard of service. He is always available to help no matter it concerns the residential problem or his tenants well-being. Mr Roddy and Mrs Vivi always gave quick respond whenever I need help. Every his monthly visit, me and Mr Roddy could talk for hours long about anything without getting bored with each other! Believe me, you wouldn’t be able to find any better landlord in Newcastle

Kevin Wangunharjo (Kevin Wang)

The landlord sets quite high standard for houses in the UK, particularly in Newcastle. The landlord comes to each house once in every month to top up the electricity and gas. The landlord also concerns about the well being of his tenants by asking each tenants how he/she is doing and what can he help during the monthly visit. The landlord also gives fast respond to the tenant that has any complain or request. I remember my housemate requested a new bed to replace his bed and the landlord and his wife came to the house with a new bed and replaced the bed within 2 days.

Cecilia Lam Wai Cai

Hey guys! I've been staying in Milton Green in year 2013/2014. For your information the house is only 5mins walk to Northumbria University and also Sport Central, it was extremely convenient for me. As promised the house is fully furnished and everything is in good condition. (Thumbs up for it!) At the end of the day I even got back the FULL amount of deposit. After all it was an absolutely lovely home for me in Newcastle and also not forgetting to thanks Mr Roddy for being such a nice Landlord!

Li Zishun

I lived in Charlotte Mews for six months. Landlord (Mr Yang) was really nice to me and all facilities in the house were brand new. Handy location and friendly flatmates made me happy living there. I have to say I had a great time :). Hope this will help for you and everything goes well with your rental business.

Chia Ping Shien

I've been staying in The Chare in early 2014, Mr Roddy (the landlord) provided me a very clean and fully furnished accommodation with a cheaper rental fee compared with others yet it's so convenient for me to go places like Metro, convenient stores, malls or even university. he's a great landlord who will try his best to help his tenant if we needs anything. He returned the deposit in full to me on time and i truly appreciate it. i would like to recommend Mr Roddy's property to newcomers and appreciate every single thing that he provided. I'll definitely get back to the landlord when i going back to Newcastle for my further studies. Hope to see you soon!

Sudol Choi

I remember really good experiences within a property managed by Mr Roddy. Everything in the property (Edward Place) is well maintained and he and his family help me whenever I need through immediate contact of personal digit and email. I think that I was very lucky to live in his property which is cheaper and tidy. I already recommended my room to my friend who is living the place where I used to live as well as I got prize money because of that with 100% deposit just day after I leave. If you are trustful, you will be given great service from him and his family.

Patcharaporn Musigaras (Fon)

St Anns Close accommodation is very good. The room is clean. The circumstance around this accommodation is peaceful. More importantly, the rental fee is cheaper than other places. Mr Roddy (Landlord) is very kind. He will help you everything during you rent his accommodation.

Dimiski Bintang

There are some advantages that I felt after renting this room which are I met some friends were coming from other countries, I could practicing my english, we could mutually sharing with different background, we could enjoying unlimited facilities such as internet, electricity, gases and other kitchen's appliances. lastly, there is available backyard that we could use to sit or eat together. I think those are my testimonies and experiences..  I enjoyed and felt at home.

Yoga Budihartono

I stayed in room 2 - Coppice Way last year and personally, I love it. The room is spacious and has big windows as well. The house in general is quite nice, the landlord and landlady were helpful and for you Asian students, you'll find how good it is to have Asian landlord and landlady especially during the first few weeks of your study.


I lived in The Chare for about 8 months. I made an agreement to rent the house with Mr Roddy (the landlord) from my home country which mean my decision was solely based on photos and informations provided from the website. I prayed all of them were actually true and indeed it is! The house looked exactly the same and the infos from the website (rents, amenities provided, benefits, etc.) were all stated in the contract signed. 

The house had just been newly refurbished when I moved in so there were no major problems encountered except for few occasional minor fixings which were done promptly by Mr Roddy and his wife Mrs Vivi. The Chare can only be entered using an electronic key so it was a secured building. It also has a caretaker who was happy (I assume) to accept all my Amazon packages whenever I was not around.

The Chare is centrally located and would take you within five minutes walking to Newcastle University, Leazes Park, Haymarket Station, etc. It is situated just right behind a shopping complex, The Eldon Garden which means you can just go for a quick morning breakfast at Krispy Kreme in your pyjamas or go buy a quick fix ‘bad-hair’ remedy during those unfortunate days wearing a bathrobe (I would advise AGAINST wearing just a towel though). Overall, I had a wonderful stay and it was nice getting to know Mr Roddy , Mrs Vivi and their two sons. Thank you.


Avanti Sukma

My stay in Hamilton Place in 2013-2014 had been an extremely pleasant one. Despite the long distance with my Northumbria campus, the house is located in such a great area that is sooo close to the city centre (it literally took me only 10 mnt walk to the cinema!), china town and the 'indian district' with all it's glory and extremely tasty and cheap food that I could not ask for a better one. I didn't have to go to all those trouble sending letters to the government office unlike my peers because the landlord & landlady had already taken care of it. Not to mentioned I could freely do my own laundry for free and any-time I want. I highly recommend students to trust the landlord and landlady, it's worth your money and experience. Cheers! 


Li Guang Yu (Gary)
I lived in Hamilton Place for my whole period of my master study. I write these words to highly recommend students this house. I listed three reasons based on my opinion. Firstly, the place of Hamilton is convenient as it almost locates in the city center which is suitable for students from both Newcastle and Northumbria University. Secondly, the rental is economic as the landlord
gives students discount. The last and the most important, the nice landlord and landlady will ensure you have a comfortable and stable living condition. Hopefully, you will enjoy your study in Newcastle.

Duong Ngoc Thuy Huynh (Jennie)
Thank you for a year taking care of us. You provided us good services and fast reply while we asked u for any problems of the house (Coppice Way). Thanks and wish u all the best.

Chong Pik Xin (Serena)
Let’s cut it short here, I bet nobody loves to read an essay besides the stereotype novel lovers. (I am trying hard to be humour here XD)
I was a tenant in Coppice Way and there were few things I would love to shout out and worth sharing with the tenants
-  Fully furnished in good conditions (very handy for newcomers) 
-  Very helpful and cooperative landlord and landlady which is just a phone call away. Actually more like a big “brother” and “sister” to us =)
-  Plenty of houses owned by the landlord up to your preference 
-  All bills included (which save you plenty of the time and unwanted troubles when come to the terms of billing)
-  Fully deposit returned when the house condition is good =) 
To the students: Happy staying and enjoy yourself to the max in Newcastle. Work hard and play hard, also remember to excel in your studies. =)

Deny Tedja
Good location of the house (Milton Green), friendly landlord and landlady. fast check in and check out with no problems afterwards. good price for student accommodation.

Anita Rachman
I'm Anita, I studied at Newcastle University. I lived at Stoddart House for about six months. I have to
say that I loved living in that flat; my flatmates were all very friendly and helpful. What I like about
Stoddart House is that the flat was super clean, the neighborhood was quiet (perfect for studying), and
it's near Metro station and Sainsbury (and when I left, Tesco Express just opened a branch behind the
flat). Mr Roddy, the landlord, was also very helpful, when I needed to ask questions related to the flats, I would just
called or sent him a text and he would get back to you instantly. I truly recommend Stoddart House !

Timothy Michael Roesdiah
The landlord has quite lots of houses to choose in Newcastle city area, the perfect location as it's not far from the city centre (walking distance) and quiet area to live in. 
The landlord returns the deposit on time after we check out and keeps the deposit secure as long as we don't damage any amenities included in the house.
The house itself (Coppice Way) is complete with all furnishings, facilities, and house appliances, making it easier for the tenants to clean, adapt and maintain the house regularly. If there is anything we need, the landlord is always up with the solution and easy to coorporate with. In return, I would recommend this for anyone looking for accommodation in Newcastle as it's a lot cheaper than any other halls or dorms and the contract is 12 month (52 weeks) which is rare!
Best of luck always.

Chile Siachisumo

Edward Place was a great house in a nice neighbourhood and the landlord always came on time if we had a problem for him to attend to 

Naomi Gibson
I have been a tenant of St Anthonys Road for 4 years, of which were the most rewarding and challenging due to my university experience at Newcastle. Having suitable accommodation that met my needs really helped. The property is in a fantastic location to the bus links into town which was one of my biggest concerns prior to moving to such a big city, also being opposite to  local shops and takeaways meant quick convinience when studying late. I can not fault the property at St Anthony's hence why i stayed there for the duration of my study. The landlord and landlady were great and were on hand for any maintenance that needed doing, only a phone call away. I really reccomend living in this property if you want a comfortable experience and a home from home feel. I will soon be returing to Newcastle to compleate my final Diploma and would not hesitate to rent any property off the landlord and landlady again.

Jose Ricardo Garcia
The house is very well maintained and the landlord is helpful of any problem

Ibrahim Watson
Thank you for the room, all your help and everything else over the last year, I really appreciate it ! 

Chioneso Kambanga
Thanks for your kindness. I was well looked after. I hope to back to Newcastle and we again. Once again, Thanks so much, I really had a good time at your house.

Jung Hee Won
Very quick response to any problem. It’s nearly like chatting with the Landlord. It give me piece of mind that the Landlord is very helpful and easily contacted by email & SMS. Best landlord I have ever known for 5 years in the UK. It’s a shame that I live in this Landlord’s property at my final year in UK. I should have known the Landlord & his properties earlier

Xiao Chen
Best choice student accomodation

Veronica Tan
Great location, very near university. Friendly & helpful landlord. Communication is excellent. Overall, extremely recommended student room accomodation.  xixi………

Natalie Yang
Any problem solved quickly by the Landlord & the Landlady. Good quality property. Highly recommended

Kate Winter
The house is very well maintained, facilities are very good, and the landlord is helpful of any problem.

Jantaluk Sirichon
Very affordable student accommodation, as utility bills are included in the rent. Location very close to university. Room/flat is great quality. Internet is great, Landlord is great & very helpful. Thx a millionnn .............

Shirley Liu
I also like rent including bills, as mentioned by previous testimonials. I also like the way the gas & electric meters display the balance of our gas and electric. In my first year, I lived in University accommodation. 2nd Year, I lived in private accommodation. When I lived in other private accommodation before this Landlord’s accomodation, the rent did not include bills and the worst is the gas & electric meters only displayed useless numbers that I only know how much my flatmates and I have used, until I get the bill. and it gave us heart attack when I got the bill from gas & electric company. I nearly fell out when I saw huge bill for 3 months use !
That is the reason I like this Landlord’s accommodation, the gas & electric meters displayed useful numbers (money !!) and the rent including bills, so my flatmates and I can control how much we use and stay within the Landlord’s allocation.
I wish I would have found this Landlord’s accommodation from my first year I have been here. I would have saved a lot of money.

Tran Thuy Tra
Great location, very close to university, & Best price in Newcastle !! as rent including bills, so I don’t have to fight with my flatmates about paying the bills equally, which happened in my previous private flat before I know this Landlord’s student flats. Extremely recommended student flats…

Megumi Ozawa
Very close to my city east campus. Fully furnished house. The best thing is there is washing machine in the house, unlike my previous university accomodation which only have 1 laundry area in the back of the building for hundreds of students in the building. So, no queuing anymore to wash my clothes. Awesome … 

Witoon Rujiruchakorn
I love rent including bills. I used to live in other landlord’s house that doesn’t include bills in the rent. Absolute disaster ! contacting energy, water, and Internet companies when moving in and moving out already gave me headache. Never mind when there are problems !!! It’s like spending most of the days in dealing with them rather than studying !! aargh !! I will give advice to my friends and families not to rent excluding bills in the UK. That’s why this Landlord’s student accomodations really suit students who want to avoid high rent of University dormitories, but still enjoying the great advantages of private accommodation. The gas & electric is not unlimited, so everyone in the house must be careful as well. But, it’s sensible and it makes me learning to be careful for my usage for the sake of environment and my own pocket when I have my own house and my own family in the future.

Jonathan Hu
The most I like is the broadband is very fast and wireless, unlike in my previous university accommodation which had to use cable to connect internet. I can even watch movies from my home country !!  Fantastic and Many Thanks

Keith Choi
The landlord & the landlady have provided good service in term of general support of the house facilities and if there is any problem, the Landlord’s responses are excellent to quickly solve the problem

Huang Ying Yin
Very recommended landlord

Taiwo Adesewo
Not only were we all international students we had a great "Father" who is willing to help and make sure the house was fit for every purpose we need and want. And the most best part was to know that they were just a call away and always happy (even in their busy times) to help and provide everything needed to make the house comfortable and call it a home to always return too.
They both are lovely, friendly and caring... We grew from client and Landlord relationship to friends from the first time I met them.  
I am very positive that moving into their property is not only a good decision but the best decision ever. Recommendation of their property is a definite yes. Make a great decision and have a wonderful time at the property and meet the most amazing couple ever.

Laura Logan
Got my deposit back with no problem. Good experience

Simon Yap
Recommended student rooms accomodation

Angela Tang
Thanks for everything.

Johnson Okeniyi 
The landlord is professional in everything they do and nothing is a problem. they dealt with everything from start to finish...easy to contact them ...with quick response from email, text and calls. got all my deposit back with no problems......will recommend them to anyone...

Robert Wong
Great value for money since utility plus broadband internet is inclusive of the rent. House facilities are maintained very closely by the landlord & the landlady…

Cindy Yeh
Sorry for the problems I caused. MANY Thx….

Huynh Thi Huong
Excellent student rooms and excellent landlord ! Thank you for everything !

Ai Ling Ngan 
I don’t know what to say. Everything is good……….

Diana Chang
Great that the rent including bills, so I don’t have to ask my flatmates for money I had to pay, as the bill is on my name in my previous accomodation. Some flatmates are fine, but some flatmates keep having excuses not to pay or to delay bill payment to me. So, This Landlord really offers excellent student rooms accomodation.

Yong Zhe Wen
Fully fulfill my 3 requirements (Location, Price, Quality). Moving into his flat was the best decision ever……………

Johari Abdullah 
Throughout the tenancy, the landlord has provided good support in term of general upkeeping of the house and if there is a problem, actions have been promptly taken to solve the issue. Communication has been excellent, email or text messages have been replied promptly. In general, the room (and the house) is a good value for money since utility (plus broadband) is inclusive of the rent. Overall, has a very good experience with the landlord

Nicholas Zhou
Very helpful landlord. Communication is excellent. Any problem in the house sorted very quickly, unlike the landlords of my friends in other private flats that takes months and sometimes just simply ignored. Well done !

Daniel Leung
Keep the good work as a Landlord. But, Ignore some people who always complaining endlessly

Lokesh Kumar  
The only thing I can say is you are the best landlord ever...

Adedayo Adegbola 
It's been wonderful staying at the house. The house is well maintained, facilities adequate, and the couple who owned the house - the Landlord & the Landlady, are very caring, loving and friendly. It's a pleasure meeting you. I will always recommend your houses to my friends. Please keep in touch

got my deposit back in full with no hassle. very good landlord. cheers.. 

Debbie Scott
Thanks a lot for all your help and understanding !! .....xxx

friendly Landlord, always look after his houses, well recommended. will miss the housemates, the house, and the toon army UK......LOL... will recommend his houses to my friends and my families here back home who want rooms in Newcastle UK. ciao..........
Again, Thanks for returning my deposit in full mate

Salilkumar Chavan 
It was wonderful staying at Hamilton Place. Very near to my business school at St. James, it saved me lot of time and money to commute to my school. Ideal place for students had nice flat mates. I enjoyed my stay at Hamilton place. I liked your qualities of cleanliness which I am also very particular. Had no hassles in refund of my deposit. In all a good experience with both of you, despite initial hiccups. Best of luck in your future life and say hello to your son, he was a welcome change whenever he visited the house. 

Chiedozie Onyedim
A Testimonial of a Lovely Experience in Hamilton Place Newcastle Upon Tyne

The landlord provided me with a fantastic accommodation at Hamilton Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne to live in last year (28/09/2011) when I came for my Masters. The room was granted to me in an immaculate state and tastefully decorated. I enjoyed every minute of my stay at Hamilton Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne for various reasons: The landlord and landlady were fantastic, we had almost no problems, and the small ones that did occur were dealt with very quickly and professionally. The landlord & the landlady are reliable in that they normally make sure that general maintenance is always up to standard and that the tenants are satisfied. They were always easy to contact and quick to take care of any minor problems that arose. The other tenants (my flat mates) were well behaved and displayed a warm attitude. The accommodation is very well situated; there was no need for me to hop in a bus to get to campus

Hamilton Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne is a great student location that is safe and does not require the annual bus pass that so many students have to pay for. The neighbourhood was calm and there was no any street noise. In a nutshell, the house was ideal for studious hours. The rent was affordable, and I am very glad I chose it.
When it came to the end of the tenancy period (27/09/2012), the return of the deposit was handled quickly and professionally without any trouble. I would highly recommend them to any student looking for somewhere to live.
I had a relatively worry free experience at the University (Newcastle University) when compared to some of my mates in other properties from other landlords.
I had a super time living in the house for a period of one year and I am so glad to have you both as a landlord and land lady – thank you for being so fastidious at replacing, mending and generally looking after us, I really do appreciate it!! Thanks for your time and it has been nice meeting you. Good luck for your next steps in life. 

Makinde Oladipupo 
With regards to me being a tenant of your property at Willow avenue for exactly 18months shows that i was comfortable and well accommodated. As the Landlord you were quick and very responsive to all issues that could and would affect our stay in your property, the landlady was always on hand to make sure the property was in top shape for us at all time, be it clearing out the bushy lawn and backyard, making sure all electronics and gadgets were all up and running. Your services made living at Willow avenue convenient and worthwhile. Keep up the great job as Landlords.

Jessica Chai
Many choice of student rooms very close to Universities. I will always recommend your rooms to my friends.


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