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For Discounted Rent Rates and Availability, Contact Us

Top 21 Reasons to Choose Us:

1. Benefits of Direct to Big Landlord than via agent. Because all properties are owned by 1 owner (1 BIG landlord), due to size (economies of scale), we can offer cheaper price & better services as follows:

A. NO Agent Fees 

B. 5% Whole Payment Discount

C. Personalised FREE Service of Airport Pick-Up Service or Moving Service

D. Personalised FREE Service of Summer Storage Service

E. SAME DAY Deposit Refund Service

F. £50 TellAFriend Bonus for each room referred.


H. £400 International Student Grant.

I. Up To 10% Loyalty Discount Reward.

All The above services can't be offered by Letting Agent (as Agent has many different owners/landlords). All These services can only be given by property owner (Landlord), as all these services are the rights of property owner's/landlord's (not middle man agent's right) to give to tenants

2. Exclusivity of the use of washing machine & dryer for each house/flat (in another word, washing machine & tumble dryer are provided in Each House/Flat, rather than in Each Building for University Halls) and they are included in each house/flat (in another word, nothing to pay, as opposed to paying around £4/use in University Halls) 

    3. Most of our rooms have Double Beds (140 cm wide x 200 cm long), compared to mostly {if not all} Single Beds in University Halls

4. Most of our properties have 3 or 4 rooms in each house/flat/apartment (compared to University flats which have around 7 or 8 rooms in each flat). In short, more Privacy in our properties

    5. Freedom to access all websites in our properties (unlike in Uni Halls,where some websites maybe blocked)

6. Our prices are a lot cheaper than University's prices

    7. Most of our rooms are bigger than Rooms of University Halls

8. Our properties are well maintained (unlike many other private rental properties in the market that are not well maintained by private landlords/Letting Agents)

    9. All of our houses/flats have Bath (unlike in All/Most of University Flats, which don’t have Bath)

10. Unlike many other private landlords who don't include bills in the rent, As most of our rooms include the Bills in the rent, there is no need (hence, no hassle) in contacting gas supplier, electric supplier, water supplier, broadband internet supplier when you move-in; when you have problems with the incorrect bills/incorrect meter readings/supply problem; and when you move-out at the end of tenancy. All those stressful, costly (as the calls to those suppliers are not free), & time-consuming affairs are All handled by us 

    11. We have a range of location choice to choose from to suit different budget

12. Compared to other well maintained private rental rooms (similar quality in the same area), our prices are very competitive

    13. Most of our houses/flats are EXTREMELY CLOSE to Universities and/or University Halls

14. Our administration fee is £30 maximum. Others (i.e. Letting Agents) charge several hundred pounds. The following national news shows possible charges by letting agents http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2004/may/15/renting.jobsandmoney 

    15. All of our properties have Unlimited Water usage

16. When you are outside the house, We also offer Unlimited Download Wireless Broadband (WiFi) Internet Service in lots of places (bars/pubs/restaurants/cafes/hotels/etc) in City Centre. Please note that This Service is only available when you pay 1 year rent payment in advance 

    17. All of our properties are Fully Furnished

18. Unlike many other private landlords & letting agents who respond to your problem in the house within weeks/months, Our response time to any problem in the house/flat is very quick (within 24-48 hours)

    19. Wireless Broadband (WiFi) Internet in All of our properties is Unlimited Download

20. Unlike many other private landlords who do not register your damage deposit in DPS, All damage deposits are registered to Deposit Protection Service (as regulated by British Government). After all, We are NLA (National Landlords Associations) Accredited Landlord

    21. As each of our property has between 2 and 5 rooms, The Internet speed (i.e. 70 MB speed) is only divided by between 2 and 5 students (mostly 3 or 4 students). Therefore each of student in our property receive between 14 and 35 MB speed (depending on number of rooms in the property you rent). As opposed to in Student Accommodation Building, although the advertised speed is i.e. 200 MB speed, However it's divided by number of rooms in the building (average 200 rooms in one building) in which each student only receive 1 MB speed.



Good Quality NLA Certified student rental apartment in newcastle

Finding excellent value rooms on rent in Great Britain is no more a daunting task, thanks to Newcastle Rooms to Rent. 

From cheap student apartment in Newcastle to student rental house in Newcastle, all types of rental rooms, with good quality facilities and satisfying services are easily accessible to you, at the most reasonable prices.

Bonanza of 5% Discount & No Agent Fees

Rooms are available with an amazing discount of 5% for 1-year payment in advance, and additionally, we do not charge agent fees. You can directly communicate to property owner, and can save lots of money.

More Bling for Your Buck

All of our properties are fully furnished and Wireless Broadband (WiFi) Internet is available with Unlimited Download facilities in all of our properties. We also provide you freedom to access all types of websites, a rare feature that you would never find in University halls. Our international student apartment in Newcastle is bigger than the university halls, and their exclusivity comprises inclusion of washing machine and dryer for each of the houses/flats. Rooms are available at different locations, and you can flexibly choose a befitting room as per your budget and requirements. 

We are NLA (National Landlord Association) Certified, and our properties include Electrical Safety, Gas Safety & Energy Performance Certificates.



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